The Tattooed Mommy Does Life
The first time I felt you kick

It was May 15, 2011 I remember because we had just gotten back to Mass from the Future Pro Expo in Hershey, PA with my school.  It was just before midnight and I was walking out of the gas station after paying so we could go visit Daddy.  It had been the longest and farthest I had ever been away from him since we met.  It was really hard on both of us.  As I’m almost to the car I felt this sharp poke that stopped me in my tracks.  I said “What was that about?!” and my heart started racing.  I couldn’t believe I finally felt you kick.  I jumped in the car and text Daddy “OMG OMG OMG I just got kicked!” He was so excited.  When we finally got to him we stayed up all night eating junk food and sitting in our couch fort.

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